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Admiral Blue Kerrits Kids Power Stretch Pocket Fleece Knee Patch Tight, XL

$25.00 Regular price $96.00

Kerrit's Kids Power Stretch Pocket Knee Patch Fleece Tight Breeches / Riding Tights
Color Admiral Blue
Size Kid's XL

Condition Rating - 2
Some wear on inside of legs.
Side pocket
Super soft.

From the manufacturer:
Kids would ride in sweatpants if they could, so we made technical winter riding pants that are even comfier. Snuggly fleece inside insulates while matte exterior leaves hay, dirt, and horsehair at the barn. Kerrits Sticks™ Silicone adds grip for deliciously cozy tights with supple stick for when frosty temps can make even the most collected lesson ponies prance.