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Consign with us

Consigning with us is easy!

First, decide what you want to consign. We accept equestrian apparel and accessories, tack (sorry, NO saddles as of now), and equestrian related lifestyle items. See a list of brands we love here. All items must be in wonderful and clean condition. We prefer items from recent collections, when possible, and will not accept damaged or dirty items. 

Second, email us to request a consignment kit or if you are near us, drop off your consignment items. If you are near, we can sometimes pick up if time allows. The kit will contain a shipping bag/label and consignment contract with terms and conditions. 

When choosing items for consignment, the best way to have a successful listing is to think, "Would I buy this? Would I pay for this item?". This is a great method of picking items that will sell making you some money!

We will go through your items and pick items that we feel will sell relatively fast. We will research market pricing and list them on our store website and start marketing! Items that are not selected or sold within an agreed upon time, can either be returned to you or will be donated. 

When an item sells, we will ship out and note your sale. When the return period has ended (we provide a 2 week return window), we will note the sale finalized and you will be paid in the next consigner payment cycle (usually at the beginning of the month).

Pricing and Payout Tiers:

Items priced at:

Payout Split (Consignor/Tack and Tweed)

$20* - $300 

55% / 45%

$301 - $500

60% / 40%

$501 - $1000

65% / 35%

$1000 +

70% / 30%

*we do not accept items worth less than $20


Terms for certain items or circumstances can be negotiated depending on the item. We normally include shipping and other fees (like cleaning) in the consignment percentage. This too can be negotiated depending on the item or situation. 

Please email for a consignment kit and more information!


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