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Filet Baucher Jointed Bit 5" New w/Tags

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Filet Baucher Jointed Bit 5" New w/Tags

Condition Rating - 4

From Manufacturer:
The Filet Baucher bit is also known as a hanging cheek. It has a single-jointed mouthpiece and exerts a nutcracker action. The hanging cheeks can help encourage the horse to go forward. The top ring attaches to the cheek pieces of the bridle and the larger ring to the reins. This creates a small amount of poll pressure which encourages the horse to lower its head and flex at the poll. The top ring also holds the bit in a slightly different, and more specific, position in the horse’s mouth. This makes it a useful bit for horses with fussy mouths. This bit is permissible for dressage when used with a snaffle bridle or as the bridoon bit in a double bridle. Sizes: 5″

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