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Horze Blake Leather Full Chaps Black - M

$99.00 Regular price $169.99

Horze Blake Leather Full Chaps - M Black

Condition Rating - 1 (first picture is stock photo)

Worn only a couple times, a little wear on the bottom of the legs of chap - see detail pictures.

From the manufacturer:
Horze Blake Leather Full Chaps in genuine leather are practical and durable. Full chaps offer numerous benefits:
- Extra grip for riding.
- Added warmth.
- Protection from rubs caused by stirrup leathers.
- Protection from branches and terrain on trail.

Full chaps also reduce wear and tear on your clothes washing machine by keeping dirt and mud off breeches. Because these leather chaps have elastic panels, they get more comfortable with every ride. Adjustable at front and back. Hems can be cut to suitable lengths at the bar-tack stitches. Silver-finish hardware.
Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Air dry. Polish lightly as needed with small amounts of leather cleaner.